Monday, July 11, 2011

Fire Breathing Mountain & Tree Houses

Olympos was totally rad... except for the part where I broke my foot/gave myself a severe ligament strain.. jury is still out on that one (refused an MRI in Istanbul, crutches and Istanbul don't mix).
Chimera is to blame for this injury; a fire breathing mountain that has had mythical status since the BC's. A fire breathing mountain is best seen at night, duh. However, pitch black woods are not ideal for hiking. Alone in the woods, I fell like a chump. Thanks to my obsessive compulsiveness I had a first aid kit back in my tree house (see image below).. so I wrapped my ankle up that night. I hobbled around on it all the next day and before finally deciding to go in pursuit of some medical assistance. I found the medic who told me for 60 TL he would give me a injection, an ace-bandage and some anti-inflammatory creme. I asked him what the hell he wanted to inject into my foot in the backwoods of Turkey, and then proceeded to tell him he was insane if he thought I was going to pay that price to have mediocre medical care. I hobbled off.
I was out photographing on my bum foot later that night, and ran into the medic I'd told off several hours before. His english was limited but what was clear was that he was gesturing me into his trailer turned medical facility. Reluctantly I followed him in feeling much like I was a character in the beginning of a bad horror movie. The inside of this place would have made a great set though, bottles stained by iodine, ants crawling all over.. a perfect place to have any injury cared for. Long story short, I did not die in this god forsaken place. Instead the medic either due to empathy or guilt gave me the bandage and the anti-inflammatory creme for free. So occasionally people can surprise you and be good.

To get cash in Olympos, you go to the back of a bus. To eat, you sit on cushions, and to get to the beach you walk through gorgeous ruins that feel totally untouched. Loved this place

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