Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cappodocia Part Deux

When you want to photograph crazy rock formations at sunset there is no better way to arrive than via motor bike. And there is no better way to learn to ride a motorbike than just being thrown on one. Mr. Rental Guy asked if I had a driver's license, but didn't ask to see it. In broken English he showed me where the breaks were, told me to pick a helmet, and then walked away. I went after him and said I'd never been on one of these things before. He responded by asking if I knew how to ride a bike. I said yes, and he continued walking away. Finally realizing my apprehension, he asked if I wanted a quick ride on the back of one to get the feel for it and I quickly accepted this offer. We rode 200 ft, he hopped off, told me to drive safe, and that was that. I survived and added that one to my long running list of things I am doing/eating that would horrify my mother.
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