Friday, June 17, 2011

Leisure Turkish Style

Çai on the Bosphorus

Art on the Bosphorus (new favorite museum... so many lady artists represented here!)

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Entrance to the 400 some year old Turkish bath where a woman violently scrubbed my body in a room with lots of other naked strangers... if I had a dollar for every time on this trip my mother would have wanted to douce me in Purell I would be a bazillionaire. This was one of the stranger rituals I've partaken in, but it was pretty sensational lying on a communal, hot marble slab sweating my brains out in a room that's been used for the same purpose for nearly half a millenium. I really like watching foreigners try to navigate bathing culture. Having spent some time trying to negotiate the politics of an Icelandic women's locker room at a hot pool I am relatively comfortable (I repeat: relatively) having no idea where to go or what to do while completely naked. Watching the panic and nervousness grow on the face of a novice in one of these situations never fails to make me chuckle.

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