Monday, June 20, 2011

Princes Islands And the Universal Signs of Brooklyn

Sometimes events are serendipitous or they are meant to be and today was no exception. I got a later start than anticipated but by mid-morning made my way down to the water to hop a ferry to the Princes Islands.. a cluster of isolated land-bits floating out in the Marmara Sea. While waiting on the docks to board the boat I spotted a girl who had Brooklyn written all over her, or Germany. I wasn't sure, the blond hair threw me off a bit. But we had the same sunglasses and she also seemed to be traveling alone so clearly we were a match made in heaven. After an hour on the boat, we arrived at the island that I had every intention of getting off at. I went downstairs and joined the pack of people waiting to disembark. But my blond sunglasses-twin who I hadn't spoken a word to yet was noticeably absent and I realized she was staying on until the next island. Instead of getting off, I decided in a split second to go back upstairs, and sit down in front of her because why not? As clandestinely as possible, I peered over the seats to try to discover what language her guide book was in. I was elated to see English splashed on the pages of her Lonely Planet. Like a jack-in-the-box I popped my head up over my seat and introduced myself..friendly fucking American that I am. Fortunately she was one too. Long story short, she is a fellow Brooklyner and we ended up spending the entire day together, which made this quaint little island where Trotsky hid out all the more lovely.

Moral of the story: stay on the boat and buy sunglasses at H&M. And go to islands.

This picture might look mundane upon first glance... but look more carefully and at close up shot that follows... kitty convention in the leaves.

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