Thursday, May 12, 2011


I had every intention of spending the afternoon alone walking around this old amusement park situated high in the hills overlooking Barcelona. My plans changed when Evelyn, sat next to me on the bus and asked in rapid Spanish if we were headed in the direction of Tibidabo. She was en route there as well. With apprehension I told her that I hoped so. There seemed to be a lot of other confused tourists on the bus so I took that as a good sign. Minutes later we were waiting in line for the funicular that would carry us up the rest of the way to the park. I was quietly minding my own business when Evelyn asked me if I was traveling alone. When I confirmed her suspicion, she lit up, explained that she too was alone, didn't speak a word of English, and asked if I would like to spend the day walking around Tibidabo with her. Though I was looking forward to enjoying the scenes alone, I wasn't left with much of a choice, thought this would invariably lead to some funny moments, and accepted her offer.
As we climbed higher and higher we discovered that we are both photographers. She explained that she took photos and put them with poems, but the details went totally over my head. Evelyn couldn't have been warmer but also couldn't have cared less that my level of comprehension was that of a three year old child. So naturally I smiled and said yes to a lot of things I have no idea about.
Though we had a lot in common, that is being photographer and traveling solo, one major point of departure was that Evelyn loves to take pictures of herself. Normally I prefer to be behind the lens. On this day, I had little choice. Mostly because of my inability to adequately express my discomfort, I was forced to pose in ridiculous and seemingly "sexy" ways. Evelyn directed me to put my hands on my hips or gesture in a Vana White fashion in front of practically everything. She also insisted on taking every photo with both her camera and mine. Needless to say, walking through Tibidabo took quite some time.
The highlight of the day was when I realized that Evelyn was reciting her poetry to me without me knowing. Like girls do, we got on the subject of men. She recounted some personal history that I followed along mas o menos.. but then all of a sudden she was talking about stars and celestial bodies and I realized I had encouraged her by my constant and bumbling "si, si si's" to recite a poem for me. A love poem no less. I had to control my laughter at this otherwise absurd situation so as to not interrupt her.
Though I have discarded almost all of the photos she took of me on this day, Evelyn definitely won't do the same with hers and she strikes me as a very active member of Facebook. So I am curious to seem what god-awful gems start appearing. I've included one here that I felt was tolerable.

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