Friday, May 20, 2011

A Dali Kind of Day

I didn't tell Emily why I wanted her to stand in this exact position and stick her arm up making a pinching gensture with her fingers (see below). But smart girl that she is, she caught on and though mildly embarrassed, happily indulged me

There were no security guards in the museum (none that I saw at least) so I was this close (make similar gesture to Emily above) to touching this painting, just so I could tell myself: I've touched a Dali painting. But I felt guilty just thinking about it, so as consolation I stuck the lens of my camera an inch away from the surface of the canvas just so I could say: I was an inch away from touching a Dali painting.

CadaquƩs, or Cadaquexes depending on how Catalan you are feeling. This lovely little town is where Dali learned to paint and where Emily and I ate lunch.

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