Monday, April 18, 2011

Other Places I Enjoy Studying...

The top of Parc Guell.. away from all of the touristas!! It's a goddamn mad house down at the bottom.. what I imagine Macy's in Herald Square to be like on Black Friday.. perhaps only worse, and filled with vendors selling fake designer sunglasses. When I walked into the park, every person was stationed with their arms extended taking the exact same photo of the lizard that greets vistors as he or she descends the first dramatic stair case. I've got to give it to Gaudi.. the place is impressive, but seriously, just google-image that lizard and move on. In defiance, I tried to make pictures that would be wholly unrepresentative of the fact that I went to one of the most famous architectural sites in the western world (save one or two when I too just couldn't resist). For a about twenty seconds I chased a pair of copulating pigeons with my camera but they ran into the bushes before I could capture that magical and memorable moment in Parc Guell.

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