Friday, September 17, 2010

Maggie First Day of Highschool 5pm

I've anxiously and excitedly waited for Maggie to become her own person, an independent agent, instead of being cast solely in the role of "my little sister" ie. my little shadow. This day seems to have finally arrived. Now more than ever she looks, dresses, and acts a lot like me, but alas, gone are the days when she followed my every move. On Friday night Maggie did not call me fifty times to find out what time my bus arrived in Philadelphia, or wait loyally by the front door for me to come home. Instead, Maggie had a date with six friends to go to a diner, and go listen to their angst-y friend play some Bob Dylan covers on a guitar at a local coffee shop. Her plans were cooler than my Friday night plans (sushi with mom) and needless to say, I was so totally not invited, despite half joking to Maggie that I was coming with her. When the opportunity presents itself to mildly embarrass a younger sibling, one must seize and capitalize on those moments. I was going to that diner. En route to my own less hip dinner, I plotted the execution of Plan Embarrass Maggie. I'd walk in, find them, and sit down and join right in on the conversation. Nothing more, nothing less. And just that is what I did. I asked the hostess where the clan of disruptive teenagers were and was pointed in the right direction by another patron whose meal, judging by the tone of her voice and her knowledge of the exact location of these kids, was impacted by my sister's posse. When I found them, I slipped onto an empty chair, and said emphatically that I told her I was coming to the show with her. Maggie's face contorted and then expressed a menagerie of emotions: shock, happiness, and complete and total humiliation. I was only joking, I told her, and immediately her body language changed to that of relief. I chatted with her and her friends for 30 seconds more, and then left before Maggie could let me know what I knew all along: that I was unwanted and no longer always welcome.

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