Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cora First Day of Highschool 5pm

A very strange development in the relationship between my two unrelated sisters has recently occurred . Since their birth, Maggie and Cora have remained separate entities in my life; two people who are both related to me but who are disconnected from one and other entirely. However this fall both girls entered into new high schools. Kids from Maggie's middle school now go to school with Cora, and vice versa. Children who were Cora's best friends when she was a toddler are now kicking soccer balls with Maggie on the Junior Varsity team. For me, this is a real mind fuck. Maggie and Cora, so far, seem unaffected by it all, in fact they seem almost humored by it. Maggie reported that she's had to explain that yes, she is Morgan's little sister, but the other one. And Cora has written me from summer camp saying that so and so says hi to Maggie. I've truly prioritized keeping them separate for a whole number of reasons too complicated and personal to explain here. But now, they are unintentionally having to deal with each others' presence in my life and theirs. More photographic documentation of this odd and modern family to follow.


  1. P.S. You know what high school in Philly is like--everyone knows everyone somehow. One day they are going to be in the same place at the same time!