Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Six Hours in A Car, Four Rolls of Film Later

For the last 25 years my family has vacationed for a week in August at the same beach. Sadly, breaking with tradition, I was unable to spend the week with them this year, but last minute I decided to hop in a car and join them just for a day. It'd been too long since I'd photographed Maggie and Josh and I figured this presented a good opportunity to fit some "work" in as well. Lots of multimedia content to follow of them in the days ahead. They decided to be particularly compliant this go round, thanks guys, you must be growing up or something... drat.

Today was not entirely uneventful... Joshua caught a fish with his bare hands, and the two of them got pick up by the police, but did not get to ride in the back of the police car much to their disappointment.. full story to follow stay tuned...

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