Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fireworks Always Make For Satisfactory Pictures.. Why?

Going through my archives in pursuit of images for the new website I came across these, taken in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in 2007 (wow). I was very proud to photograph in the gardens that evening as I called to request a photography pass very last minute and not only did they grant me the pass but they also gave me free admission for myself and my trusty assistant Claire. I was not there for the fireworks, but they certainly were an added bonus. I kept waiting for a guard to come up and give me a hard time about my tripod and demand proof that I was entitled to be photographing where I was, so that I could go "Schzam!" and whip out my pass very slick-photographer-like. I recall, fortunately or unfortunately, only one mild mannered guard just checking in to see what we were up to.

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