Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday, Go Nuts

Its 5am and I'm still packing.. I am definitely already well on my way to having a wacky Friday.

I am totally unclear as to what this little dear is dressed up as; probably some troll from Icelandic mythology. But what's the dinosaur about then? Perhaps I too hastily skimmed over that part of Snorri's Edda. One thing is clear: she is lucky #10.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Greatest Private Collection I've Ever See

This post was intended for last Wednesday but somehow a week went by and naturally I neglected my sad little blog (when moving out of one's apartment time seems to magically slip away). Here as promised are some images from inside the home of Arturo Schwarz, who can best be described as biblical; I am more or less convinced that Moses must have looked exactly like him. Upon entering Arturo's home there are cases of African masks, shelves of sexy sculptures of voluptuous women from Indian temples, and every piece of work in the house is accented with a little gold plate with the creators name upon; for those of us with less refined sensibilities who cannot identify a Hannah Hoch collage immediately upon veiwing it. Not an inch was spared, including the tiny elevator, which Joyce, Arturo, and I crammed into to ride up to the second floor. Some of the best art was in the bathroom. You know you have an impressive collection when celebrated artists' work is hung over a toilet. The piece de resistance was perhaps the bedroom of his home, which, like the rest of the house was decorated salon style. Unlike any other room of the house however, the bedroom was clearly carefully curated and had a distinct theme, and that theme was naked women, lots and lots of naked, women. The contrast of this room to any other was so outstanding, I had to controll my laughter, and could hardly make eye contact with Joyce for fear of losing my composure.

So Who Is Arturo Schwarz You Ask?

These photos of Arturo, Joyce and Demetrio were taken after we'd been given a tour of Arturo's temperature-controlled personal library of 40'000 books and of the house, which was covered floor to ceiling in the most sensational art imaginable. A Picasso here, a Picabia, there, oh one or two Pissaros... Duchamp was his close friend. My friends are this impressive too. I fingered his Man Ray Metronome (yes I touched it). And he had Trotsky's calling card framed, as he was supposed to meet him, but Trotsky was murdered two weeks before their date.

Check back tomorrow to see the inside of the house and learn more!

En Route to Isole Bella

And yes it really deserves to be called Isole Bella. After a shitty day prior to this in Milan (when my camera got stolen) Joyce and I decided to escape to the lake. More from inside the palace next week...

Drama Under Plastic At the Brera and A Fresco

detail of above image

Monday, July 19, 2010

Zurich To Milano

Final shots from Zurich....

And then over the Alps to.....

Milano! Where I met Joyce! Look here she is with a map, which she loves.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lakeside Loungers

On Monday, I'll be on my way to Milan! (In pictures that is).

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I loved this little guy pensively looking out at the lake

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alone In Zurich, My Walk Begins Here

After an $8 cone of deliciously rich Swiss ice cream... I took off towards the south on a long stroll along the eastern shore of the lake. It was sunny and hot, and everyone was out swimming or sunning themselves. I was tempted to jump in (my swim suit was in my bag) but opted for photographing instead.

more tomorrow.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Inspired By

Those rare moments when you are so compelled to take a picture, and find, upon processing that the image came out exactly as you imagined it would are sublime. In Paris I saw the Willy Ronis retrospective and think I was a little inspired. Americans don't seem to know about him though he was a contemporary of Brassai and Doisneau. His pictures reminded me to be more spontaneous and to capture a moment instead of always constructing one. Here are a few fleeting seconds....

Things Are Hopeful Yet Again, La Suisse

And then there are those moments when you are reminded once again that shooting film is still superior to digital. Pick-pockets can steal a camera, but chances are they aren't going to get their hands on all my film! Suckers... The trip begins here.. (not true, started in France, but didn't shoot anything because I just didn't)


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