Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watch Out Dimmuborgir, Here I Come Again

You'll have to manage without me for two days. Tomorrow we set out (Jeehee, Paola, Nadine and I) bright and early on a serious adventure eastward to Myvatn. Road conditions will be tough and we may have to outwit elves and bored christmas yule lads.. one never knows in Iceland. I often find myself in situations in which I am the only person with a driver's license (you know who you are), so I'll be single-handedly scaling mountains and descending into undulating fjords in a sweet, little, manual Volkswagen with what will hopefully prove to be three trusty co-pilots, ie. snack-providers, radio-station changers, and map-readers... There will be lots to report in the days ahead, so stay tuned for pictures from what I expect will be an awesome trip...a Korean, an Italian/S. American by way of London, a German, and an American all squeezed into a tiny white car (sounds like an awesome bad-joke in the making) the perfect equation for a great road-trip if you ask me... Also pictures to come from today's Öskudagur celebrations.. imagine Icelandic children in blackface or dressed as fat-flying-chickens (as one of my little friends was) whacking violently with rubber tubes at cardboard boxes. All I can say is, I love this country.

Until Friday....

••Note to self.. Icelandic rescue # is 112... they probably know me by now or at least have my name on file (worry not Olafia, I'll drive, safe I promise)

Postscript: It was beautiful outside today, despite the cold, here are some images from the day.

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  1. Have a nice trip girls :) and take care of my little fox ;)
    Kveðja, Ólafía