Monday, February 15, 2010

Yes, I Willingly Spent 2 Hours In 60mph Winds And Now I'm Paying For It

Vengeful. That is the only word I can come up with to adequately describe the winds outside today. I have never been so acted upon by nature nor have I ever been so exhausted from two hours of walking. Two hours have passed since I've come inside, but my body still feels like its being pounded by the wind, a similar sensation to the feeling of lying in bed at night after having been on a boat or airplane. I keep realizing that I am leaning far to one side of my chair and am waving back and forth slightly. Perhaps I'm very poetic or some where in some book I read once an author described the experience of having nothing between his or her ears other than wind after being out in the dramatic weather. This accurate description is a nicer way of saying: brain dead. Before my tiredness set in being outside was incredibly fun, especially once I figured out how to maneuver myself, ie. stop from being uncontrollably hurled ten feet forward. When the wind was at its most extreme I was able to recline backwards to about at 45 degree angle and be fully supported by the gusts at my back. The wind afforded me the opportunity to fulfill what limited gazelle-like ability I have and by leaping forward at just the right moment, the wind would carry me for several feet. For that brief moment when both my feet were off the ground I'd be fairly certain that there were few other things more elegant than me. Then I'd come crashing to the ground and go back to being my awkward self, who dressed in all of her extreme weather gear resembles more a football player than any elongated graceful creature.

These pictures will not sufficiently represent what Iceland threw at me today, but they're at least an approximation. You can see me in one of these images, hiding behind old crates to block the wind in order to load more film. I am sitting in the studio right now, and just thinking about walking home is exhausting.

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