Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So This Is That Harsh Icelandic Winter Everyone Was Telling Me About

Around 5am I knew the winds had started up again but I had no idea to what extent until I woke up bleary eyed to a complete and total whiteout. My windows are completely masked by snow, and if I squint through the small breaks in the ice, the world beyond has been enveloped by a white oblivion. Being told to stay inside yesterday was fun, (though by afternoon we started venturing outdoors) it was akin to learning as a child on the morning news that school was officially closed due to snow. Today is a bit depressing because it is becoming clear just how oppressive the weather can be. I cannot see the expansive view outside my window that I've grown accustomed to, but instead the snow has created the sensation of being in a little white box. Moreover, being stuck inside is not exactly conducive for picture taking. These feelings are compounded by the fact that JeeHee left for good this morning, so I have no one to laugh with about how crazy this is.
But that's all ok.
To console myself I'll imagine I am explorer on the outpost of civilization and probably in a couple of hours will put on all of my ridiculous snow gear, giving me the gait of the Pilsbury Dough Boy, and venture just outside my house for a few minutes to get the full effect. While the burden of the weather is heavy, there is definitely an element of excitement, and the opportunity awaits for me to go outside and, despite my pathetic attempts to defend myself, get a sound ass-kicking from an invisible natural force.

These horses can do it, so can I.

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