Monday, February 8, 2010

Never Again Will I Blindly Follow an Adventurous and Cute Korean Girl Up a Mountain

Jeehee, might look benign but she is one bad ass bitch... She has already summited the mountain twice and the day we went together she thought we'd take a new route.... a death route... Initially the climbed seemed easy, and I thought Jeehee was on to something with this path. But then suddenly, the mood of the hike changed, and we were scaling the 45 degree shale rock facade on our hands and feet, like painfully awkward mountain goats...nothing akin to mountainous felines... our feet slipping out from under us constantly and snot running down my face– a "number eleven" as my mom used to say. When I asked her how much longer to the top, she said while giggling "one hour." I nodded and we moved on. We fumbled along further, and as I became more certain that Jeehee was leading me to my imminent death, she paused to tell me that in childhood, when she would hike with her grandfather, he would always say "one hour" whenever she inquired how much further.. despite whatever the true distance might be. Then she turned around and kept going. Hah. The daylight waning, it was clear it was time to head down. We didn't make it all the way to the top, but the next time I attempt the mountain, Jeehee can stay at home. She is, however, very good for sharing ice cream which we both decided was imperative as we bounced down the mountain and I said that the bay looked like blue ice cream (what a fatty) and she said that the dry grass we were stepping on made the crunching sound of chips. We had only intended to go to the dump together, and so were not adequately prepared with sustenance for such a rigorous climb which is why when surrounded by the most gorgeous landscape all we could do was dream of the junk food waiting for us at the bottom.

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