Sunday, February 14, 2010

Iceland, You Win Again

Either I don't know how to convert millimeters into inches or the weather forecast was wrong, but we have a hell of a lot more than 6mm of snow on the ground right now and its still coming and is supposed to all day tomorrow. The wind is howling outside of my windows and is strong enough to practically lift you off your feet. I've never been in a storm quite like this. Its no wonder they speak of the tough winters in northern, remote Iceland, holy mole. I was giggling with delight all day long despite everyone's expressions which read "has she lost her mind?" When photographing the cliffs and ocean which appeared completely monotone, I seriously considered tethering myself to some stationary object to prevent being blown away.
Jeehee looks so awkward here as maelstrom-esque winds force her to walk backwards

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  1. oh I really miss this place! ...and what are you guy's doing in my kitchen?