Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Thank I Have You

I thank I have you too, Jeehee. This was one of the nicest bastardizations of the English language I'd ever heard, said to me by dear roommate. Here is a picture of her hard at work in her studio. She is an immensely talented sculptor and has taught me how to make an origami paper ball.... something I've always wanted to be able to do.

Tonight after we are done working, I am teaching her how to bake chocolate chip cookies, she however wants to make some slight modifications, and use sesame seeds and almonds instead (if that doesn't say asian I don't know what)... I'm skeptical.. she's enthusiastic... Jeehee has downloaded Werner Herzog's Encounters At the End of the World as per my suggestion which we plan to watch after this questionable cookie undertaking..can't wait to translate Herzog's disdain for humanity into simple english...Anything is better than having to explain what a character was talking about in a movie we watched the other night when he said "BJ"... I invite all of you to picture me trying to explain that to a sweet Korean girl.

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