Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home....In Skagastrond

I can't say that I ever foresaw the day when I would call a town of 500 people 'home', but man does it feel good to be in my own bed. I suspect Italians and Germans must have a different resting body temperature from Koreans and Americans as JeeHee and I nearly froze to death in our bunk-beds in the little, shared, arctic, cabin last night, despite Nadine and Paola's complaints of the heat....I slept with my coat over my face, and JeeHee hardly slept....couldn't possibly be more in love with this blue polar-fleece blanket I've got draped over me right now... Was woken up abruptly today by this precocious little 8 year old, Dalja, who paid us a visit last night, and was so bold this morning as to come into the cabin and more or less pull the blankets off of me. Her english was limited, but what she made clear was her desire to play with my iPhone (which is functioning solely as an alarm clock, despite her efforts to make calls). She took approximately 50 pictures with my phone of her dog and highly unflattering close-ups of our faces in the morning. Then she wrangled my little digital camera out of my pocket and used that for sometime. Apparently she felt her self instructed crash course in photography had adequately prepared her to rip my RZ out of my hands despite my efforts to convince her it was too heavy for her. Incapable of denying the littlest bit of joy to a gorgeous child like this I apprehensively handed over my camera and thanked some higher being for insurance for the equipment. she took this of me

not quite how to use it

getting closer
figured it out finally, after yelling at me in Icelandic that she couldn't see anything...
her iphone picture of her dog whose name I never understood but decided was something like Maalruff

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