Monday, February 15, 2010

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time!

Just when you think your roommate can't get any better.... after the success of watching Encounters At The End of the World Jeehee and I were on the topic of other movies to enjoy together with our knitting in our laps. As I've gained the status of movie connoisseur (based solely on my Werner Herzog suggestion) Jeehee was asking for another suggestion. To get a better sense of what kind of movies she might enjoy, I inquired about the other movies she had brought with her on her computer. After running down a short list of respectable indie-type films, she hestitated and then said "and Cooling Runnings." My jaw hit the floor. Excuse me!! Did I hear right? Jeehee, you have Cool Runnings and you have it for the sole reason that you wanted to remember the song??? I think I'm in love...Seeing as the winter Olympics are presently taking in place in Canada (as they do in the movie), and seeing as that I too had wanted to recall the song (as this was a childhood favorite) this movie had been weighing heavily on my mind. Watching Cool Runnings with a Korean in Iceland made the world feel flatter than it ever had before. This was by far the strangest shared childhood entertainment the two of us could have. Of all obscure late 80's movies, for her to have this one, which I have genuinely been thinking alot about recently was too bizarre. Needless to say, the experience of watching this overacted, racially stereotypical slap-stick comedy was out of this world. Jeehee was particularly entertained by the colorfulness of everyone's clothing which I explained was actually pretty accurate for how all of us were dressing in the late 80's, early 90's. I was aching for my long lost Starter jacket. I guess fashion styles were not exactly the same in Korean as they were in the states in 1987. She was also surprised to learn that they speak English in Jamaica, in real life! No but in truth, why the hell should she know anything about this tiny little island that has no relevance in her life whatsoever, save Cool Runnings.

** I'd also like to point out the quote from ABC-TV at the bottom of the poster, which I just noticed. In the ten years between when Rocky came out and when Cool Runnings was released was there seriously no other under-dog sports team movie that could have been used as a better comparison???? Lady Bugs and Mighty Ducks came out in 1992, but I still have a hard time believing a kinship with Rocky was the best way to advertise this film. Nothing about the poster below says Stalone... unless I'm missing something.

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