Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dimmuborgir was a tremendous place to visit at 4am at the end of a five hour long hike on my last trip to Iceland, and it was equally as amazing at 2pm in January. One of the absolutely wonderful things about Iceland is how different things look every time you see them. For instance, as we drove back to Skagastrond, through the snowy mountains, we saw this sprawling metropolis on the horizon from miles and miles away. And as we got closer and closer and the city lights appeared brighter and brighter we became all the more puzzled. We did not remember driving through a huge town on the way to Myvatn. Had we taken a wrong turn even though there is only one road? Had we been cursed by one of the yule lads at Dimmuborgir and gone through an Icelandic black hole and ended up in Reykjavik? I'd say there was about a three minute period in which genuinely none of us could figure out what lay before us and we were all mildly convinced we'd some how miraculously ended up in Iceland's one great city. Well, the air is incredibly clear here, so visibility is far greater than what one is accustomed to, and this huge urban sprawl before us ended up being Reykahild, a no-where-place that perhaps consists of two streets and a gas station. So much for that sweet time warp, I think JeeHee was a little disappointed.

I spent two hours photographing alone in Dimmuborgir as the others had returned to the cabin or had gone off for other explorations. It was incredibly quite as the rock formations blocked most of the wind and I had the whole place to myself. One of the luxuries I have of being in Iceland, if you exclude the weather, is how safe I feel alone at all times, even in this remote lava field. But occasionally, I would hear the sound of foot prints and whip my head around to see that no one was there. You spend enough time in a place you start to drink the punch, and so I just resigned to the fact that it was Snorri, the troll who often visited us on my last trip, who was likely responsible for our repeated car troubles just coming to say hi and take away my candy as those trolls so relish doing.

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