Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Day Late, But Happy Bolludagur (Buns Day)!!

We celebrated this on Sunday with Signy, a very active and generous member of the community, she invited all ten of us over to her home for coffee and cake! The Monday before Ash Wednesday, Bolludagur is a day of sweets! Keeping in line with unique Icelandic traditions on Bolludagur, the children run around with sticks decorated with paper flowers (bolludagsvöndur), and spank their parents on the ass while yelling bolla! bolla! bolla! For every smack, they get a bolludagur which is a combination of an eclair and a cream puff. Signy made the most delicious ones imaginable. We each had like six but fortunately did not have to spank our gracious host to get them. According to one website, whose reputability I have no sense of whatsoever, Iceland sells one million of these buns on this day, which means about four buns per each Icelander, so I don't feel too bad.

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