Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 1 Reykjavik

I was fortunate enough to spend my first night in Iceland with friends Haukur and Julia, who I was introduced to independent of one and other and through a strange series of emails I learned that coincidentally they are a couple. Julia hails from the east coast of the US... her father was a patient of my mother's, but before figuring that out, my mother learned of the former Mt. Airy resident/photographer living in Iceland while getting her hair cut. Before my last trip, my mom got her info for me, we wrote back and forth but never met up as she was in US when I was in Iceland in 2008. Back in March Julia and I became facebook friends so that she could connect me with other artists who'd completed the residency where I currently reside. Several months later, while sitting with my grandmother in the only good restaurant in Chestnut Hill (neighborhood in Philadelphia where I grew up) I see this young woman walk in and I am certain I know her, though we'd never met. Through images I'd seen on facebook I realized that it was Julia, and had to say hello. We had a very silly and animated first meeting and I've been lucky she's stayed in touch with me ever since. Haukur is the editor of the Reykjavik Grapevine and I initially wrote to him when I was trying to get help pitching a story... He sent my link to his girlfriend (Julia) who then connected all of the dots. They were the most gracious hosts, Julia made a unique and delicious traditional Icelandic dish of fish and potatoes, and their three cats took fondly to me and all of my stuff.. Thanks again guys! Here is what my first day looked like...

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